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Uncover places through people you like

Placers is the perfect app for modern city explorers.
We all discover amazing spots and get great recommendations from friends, family and influencers we follow.

  • Discover

    Follow people who always find the perfect spot for you. Search for great influencers and create a custom feed of amazing new places you never knew existed.

  • Inspire

    Never miss a chance to show the amazing spot you just went to. What you love will help your followers discover something great! Placers is all about inspiring other explorers in your city.

  • Share

    Did you have dinner in an amazing restaurant? Share it with a short description about what made this experience great. What you love will help others who follow you discover something great!

  • Remember

    With Placers it’s easy to remember your favorite spots, so when you’re looking for the perfect thing to do, all you need is to look at the lists you've created on the app.

The app for places

At Placers we believe choosing where to eat or discovering the latest trendy spot should be easy!

We constantly get great recommendations for places to try from social media, blogs, or word-of-mouth.

Sharing all those discoveries and remembering them is now possible.
You can save places so when you're searching for something to do, you will know exactly where to go.

Follow your friends’ lists and help them discover their next favorite spots.
Join a global community of city explorers sharing insider's tips and start uncovering your city.


  • Feed

    Scroll down your feed to discover the latest hidden gems in your city through people like you.

  • Lists

    Create your personnalized lists, customize them and add your favorite places so you will never forget about a place.

  • Social

    On Placers you can follow people. We believe that humans are way better than a search engine!


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